step three page lady brands: 50 most useful three letter brands

step three page lady brands: 50 most useful three letter brands


If you may have a lengthy surname or perhaps need certainly to keep things easy, a primary and you may sweet people name’s timeless and you will antique – not to mention an easy task to pronounce, enchantment and you will generate. Or at least you will be checking getting a cute center name to have your own nothing King?

?step 1 ADAThis sexy name is regarding Italian language source and you can form “commendable, form.” Popular Adas become Ada Nicodemou and Ada Maris.

2 ALIA pet form of Alexandra, meaning “defender off humanity.” And brief for Alison. Popular Ali’s were performers Ali McGraw and you can Ali Larter, and you may comedian Ali Wong.

step three AMYAmy try a beneficial Latin name meaning “beloved.” Popular Amy’s is actresses Amy Poehler and Amy Adams, and you may later artist Amy Winehouse.

4 ANNAnn, was a variety of the brand new Latin females considering identity Anna. Therefore try an expression of Hebrew Hannah, and therefore ‘favour’ or ‘grace.’ Famous Ann’s are celebrity Anne Hathaway and Ann Margret, diarist Anne Honest and copywriter Anne Bronte.

5 AVAThis well-known label often tends to make top 10 listing. It may be in the Latin “avis,” definition “bird.” It could be also a primary brand of the name Chava (“life” or “way of life you to definitely”), the latest Hebrew type of Eve. Greatest Ava’s were actress Ava Gardner.

6 BAYThe name Bay is good girl’s term of Latin resource meaning “berry”. There clearly was a characteristics named Bay Kennish into tell you Transformed during the Birth; conservative political commentator Bay Buchanan came to be Angela Marie.

From the Nicola Conville

eight BEAAn abbreviation away from Beatrice, which chill name’s Latin to own “bringer off gladness.” Well-known namesakes include veteran actress and you will Fantastic Woman Bea Arthur and you will United states golf player Bea Bielik.

8 DOTThis nice, old-ladies name’s brief getting Dorothy, meaning that “gift from Jesus.” Greatest Dorothy’s range from the lead character throughout the Wizard away from Ounce and you may copywriter Dorothy Parker.

ten FAYThis gentle sounding name’s regarding English source and you may function “fairy”. Well-known namesakes become celebrity Faye Dunaway and you can United kingdom novelist Fay Weldon.

11 FIAFia comes from title Fiadh, meaning ‘deer’ inside the Irish. In Portuguese, Fia setting weaver, and you will Fia can be a preliminary version of the Italian otherwise Foreign-language Sofia otherwise Fiammetta.

twelve FLOFlo are a great truncated type of Plants otherwise Florence. Flowers the fresh Roman deity from flowers and you can spring, exactly who liked eternal youth. Greatest Flo’s include Florence Nightingale and you can Florence Welch out of Florence and you can the machine.

13 GIAOne of the very most familiar Italian infant brands, Gia is actually an initial kind of Gianna otherwise Giovanna, the female version of Giovanni, this new Italian same in principle as how much is match com vs eharmony John – all of them definition “God’s gracious present.” Popular Gias are supermodel Gia Carangi, if you’re Matt Damon and you can Actual Housewife of new Jersey Teresa Giudice one another called the girl Gia.

14 IDAThe name Ida are an effective women’s name out of German origin definition “industrious one to”. Famous namesakes include mode Ida Ljungqvist and civil-rights commander Ida B. Wells.

15 INAThe label Ina is employed since a nickname having brands eg Marina or Kristina one to trigger “ina”. Some common types of Ina include Ena, Inna, Yna, and you can Inanne. The name Ina comes from a keen Anglo-saxon term definition “home” or “so you can amuse”. Well-known Inas include the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten.

sixteen ISAIsa is a great unisex given name via a selection of present. The name was most commonly derived from an enthusiastic Arabic translation out of Jesus. Namesakes is celebrity Isa Miranda and you may musician Isa Tengblad.

17 IVYDerived of an old English phrase, Ivy represents fidelity (ancient Greeks gave newly weds a keen ivy wreath to help you signify the faithfulness to one another). In addition it shows eternity. Popular namesakes were Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Bluish Ivy and musician Ivy Adara.

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